Monday, July 30, 2012

hello guys :)

Its been long since i last put up anything regarding my life here... i was contemplating to delete this blog actually. but decided against it just today. this blog somehow has captured some of the most important moments in my life so i guessed... why destroy a perfectly fine crib of memories.:)... 

i have graduated from college... well technically. i haven't got my results yet. too scared to even think about it. let alone speak about it. i have firmed my university choice. which was like a huge decision. where i had the MABECS lady call me twice to confirm my choice. hahaha... ain't going to reveal the university here just yet...even though i don't believe in jinxing... i wouldn't want to risk it being true.. well i guess i should update you guys on the 2 years that i was in alevels... not just yet though.. i'm working on the post and shall have it up by next week i suppose.... its a lot of things to write about.. too many memories to be stored.. well technically i am writing these posts for me... so that next time when i read these posts.. i would reminisce or at least remember the awesome time i had when i went through i really don't want to miss out important events :).. chiaozers till then guys, take care :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

OUOC part 3

yes, we are back again. shhhhhhhhhhhh. they are all sleeping. we should have finished this tour during the holidays itself. now, they are all back and so the tour can only occur during times when they are either asleep or not home. try and tiptoe around the unit alright. we can't afford to leave evidence of you guys being here.

you will notice that the arrangement of the sofa has changed. you want to know why?. look beside the tv, the tangle of wires and a small white static creature with blinking green eyes. what does that tell you?.. yes we got Unifi-ed!! for those who do not understand, its an Internet wifi modem. okay, now lets keep moving. shhhhhh, you over there, yes you, don't look back, quiet now. i think i hear Mr Pan coming out. everyone down on the floor, let me off the lights. ohh, false alarm. lets move on.

i covered the living room last time right. now to ken's study room. yes its quite small as you see it. the old yellow ( almost washed off colour) shutter door holds all our (junk) stuff!! starting from iron and the iron board which we use once in a blue moon. boxes of stuff which we bought for the house and just plain good-for-nothing stuff that might come in handy one day or another. the two tables in the room itself are similar to the ones that you saw before in the living room. its ken's and rudy's but rudy usually doesn't study here. he prefers the couch or the living room table. so practically its just ken's room. yes, those books of further maths and physics and maths, that exude a disturbing aura are ken's. those are huge right? no no, don't touch that. you, yes you. keep that book down. its not yours. *bam* i asked you to keep it down silently, not to give an announcement that we are here.

anyways, its getting late and i should get some sleep. i have classes tomorrow you know. okay now lets just get out of here silently before Mr Pan or Rudy wake up. you can hear the cranky bed's sounds right. that might be them getting up to see whats the brouhaha by mr smartypants here is all about. don't just stare at me. move. out, Out. no no, don't slam the door. silently close it. at least you did that right!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

OUOC part 2

Welcome once again. Our unit’s now open for display once more. Where did I leave you guys last time? Let me see...was it the dining table or the study table? I think its the study table for I remember telling you guys about the dining table doubling as study table. But right now I am talking about the actual study table. Okay that was a mouthful. Great. Yes, that’s my table. The fiction books aligned in the first compartment speaks for itself. Uh huh. I still have my form 5 books , well some of them, there as well. Don’t give me that stare. I am doing A-levels for god sakes, so sometimes I have to glance through my basics. Okay, moving on. That not-so-white lab coat you see on the table is my chemistry lab coat. Errr....the reason for it not being “pearly white” as it is supposed to be is the exam period.

Right beside my table is Mr. Pan’s. Judging from all those books filled with scientific knowledge you would expect him to be someone smart. I assure you, your judgement isn't wrong. You would also notice that he has a table lamp, the fancy one you can get from IKEA, clamped to the side of his table. Uh huh, again, Mr. Pan is one hell of a trickster. Try looking under the lamp fixture. Voila, there is no bulb. Yes the lamp has been there for the past eight to nine months, but no one said that it had been used. Hmmm. Did your perception of Mr. Pan change? Anyways, let’s keep going, so many things to cover before we lock up the place again.

Now walking towards the TV area, you would see a huge white cosy couch in the middle. That settee was from Rudy’s aunt’s place. They were moving into a new house. Either Rudy convinced them to give us the couch or the aunt wanted us to have it voluntarily, that I am not so sure of. One thing that I am sure of is that I have become accustomed to the huge-firm-but-not-too-firm couch for It has doubled as my bed for the past week. Well, here’s the dirt. Aiman who is a friend of ours decided to stay over a couple of days, or weeks, for we could all study together for the exams. Being the fast one, I called dips on the couch and Aiman had to take my cranky bed which you will see soon. Ahh, take a seat. You know you want to.

Ohh, the television itself; stares at us while we seat here. I know it looks old school, no plasma or LED here. It’s better that way right? Helps us focus on our studies. That’s what we keep telling ourselves. It sits on a short wooden dust-covered stool. We always forget about that when we are cleaning.

The two not-so-comfortable looking brown sofas are what they initially provided us with; the wooden structures with miserable looking support cushions. Thank lord, Rudy’s aunt was moving. Exaggeration? You bet. It’s not really that bad. The not-so-cream curtains that veils the scorching sunlight from piercing into the living room, was provided to us too. Ahhhh. How nice of them to do all of this for us?

Its lunch time. Guess we got to step out once more. When I told you there are lots of details to cover, I was not lying. See you guys next time.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Unit that Overlooks the College

Our unit is in Sri Hartamas. Yes, the posh land where the current king is having his palace built. It is a small unit. Basically, white walls stare us down when we walk into the unit. Let me bring you in for a brisk walk into our unit. Be careful the warmth might take you by surprise.

Stepping into our unit, you would realise that the door is broken. Yes, not completely broken but its knob is unable to be used. Thanks to my roommate Mr. Pan. One day weeks before I am typing this, Mr Pan was home alone. He decided to go out for some reasons but forgot to bring his keys out with him. What happened next would affect us all for weeks to come. When he got back, he stared at the knob and asked himself, HOW COULD HE GET IN? Yes, the ONLY SENSIBLE answer he got was to break the knob. Kudos to you Mr. Pan.

Anyways, come on right in. Uh huh, the shoes are arranged beside the small shoe rack and the slippers are there as well. No, don’t focus on those stinky socks hidden in the last compartment of the shoe rack. Let’s keep moving. Ahhh, the dining table which doubles as our study table most of the time. The books on the table are proof of that. Don’t be fooled, it only looks clean for Ken’s parents decided to land us a visit last week. If you were here the week before, you would be lucky even to lay your eyes upon the wooden surface of the table.

Ah hah. Ken? Yes, Ken is my house mate who is Rudy’s roommate. Rudy? Hmmm mmm. Yes. Rudy is my housemate as well. Okay. Let me clear this up. Four of us live in the unit. Two in each room. Rudy and Ken in one and Mr. Pan and I in another. Ken’s parents visited us last week for it was college holidays and we were all heading back. When we heard that they were coming to the unit. A tornado broke free. It cleaned up everything starting with the living room right up to the dishes that were soaking in the sink for the past week. All it took was 30 minutes and everything was neat and tidy.

Moving away from the dining table, you would see two study tables. Mine and Mr. Pan’s. Yes, it looks orderly thanks to the tornado.

Ahhh look at the time. The unit has to be closed now. I would have to continue the tour later. So many details to state and so many experiences to share. I promise you it would be opened soon.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

done with it!!!

trials i mean!!...on break for another 2 weeks and then i gt to do it all over again!!!! yippe*

i am gonna update u guys soon but , as of now..i gt to catch up on my sleeping and sloww down on my intake for coffee!!! :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


happy new year everyone. a new year, a new beginning, a clean slate. cliched? i thought so too. but it is true. you know of that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when a new year begins. that feeling is missing this year. even the timing of this post will tell you how uninterested i am to actually be all hyped up about it. oh well, i do have loads of things that i have planned but unfortunately, i am not going to post it up here. simply because they are not really that important (for you guys anyway) and titillating to be posted up here.

but yeah, 2011 is going to be a big year. hmmm, hopefully i can make it big! resolutions have been written, it doesn't matter whether i achieve them or not, it only matters that i try my level best to materialize those goals of mine. celebration for the new year wasn't very jaunty, i would say. i was in the hospital and no it wasn't for me that i was there for.

overall i have a good feeling about this year and hopefully it doesn't disappoint me.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


what if knowing the meaning just stops you from speaking truth?...what happens then?